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aptly reflects our commitment to crafting concepts, strategies, and designs that emerge organically from carefully considered words, making our studio a place where inspiration and insight converge to shape meaningful and impactful solutions.

The term word represents the rich tapestry of sources we draw upon during our process, embodying the design thinking method's foundation in thorough analysis and the diverse array of insights we gather. It symbolizes the human-centric approach that underpins our work, as our projects are rooted in understanding people' needs, behaviours and perspectives.

We have the best mix of skills, expertise and scale to be extremely nimble. We're easy to talk to and work with.






Years & conuting




Completed projects

Project Management and Design

Our multidisciplinary team includes project management and design professionals from a range of strategic and creative backgrounds. The studio is structured to deliver projects from research, to creation, to completion. FromWord is design-led and can support your business with all research and analysis, strategy, marketing and design all around. We're focused on the application our knowledge and experience to support the time, quality and cost objectives of your project.

Our factory

We work as a team to apply our diverse creative and analytical skills and experience for best project effect.

We start every project with people's end usability in mind, and in the process, we refine strategies and activities that come out of in-depth research. This allows us to offer the best possible solutions for business and people.



Experience design
Business design
Concept design
Brand experience
Future and trends


Product design
Graphic design
Brand design
Packaging design
UX / UI design


Visual Identity
Creative direction
Shoot production
Content developlment
Website design


Business development
Brand streategy
Market Analysis and positioning
Communication strategy
Go to market strategy

Meet the team

FromWord is made of people; they are artists, thinkers, comedians, travellers, poets. But whatever they do or wherever they are, they are people.

Nicola Belotti
Founder, Marketing
Marco Battaini
Founder, Design
Samuele Caprioli
Founder, Communication
FromWord Milan
Via Ascanio Sforza 7, Milano 20136 IT

Partners & Certification*

*the certifications are from Apple, Adobe, Google, Meta and TikTok.