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We tell the most fascinating company's stories, about their identity and the impact of the brand, through a strategic approach based on design thinking and data-driven design.

Are you FromWord enough?

We are solutions seekers, analytical experts, crazy creatives. Boosted by passion and driven by people’s needs. Obsessed with the beauty of creating, always looking forward to hear new stories.

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Thats called affordance
*an affordance is the relationship between the properties of an object and the capabilities of the people that use it.

This is why people's behaviours are so important for us, to design the most suitable experience.


What should you expect from us?
The process behind
Brief & Goals
Fully understanding the needs of the project is a key part, on which we spend a lot of resources, but which allows us to act immediately with the right mindset
Concept & Brand strategy
When creating a brand there are many factors that influence its perfect completion. We do not like to start from the end (visual) but build a strategic identity in sequence.
Brand Design
The design part is where ideas are turned into reality. Our professionalism ensures that every aspect is considered and studied for the success of the project
The process behind
Gather data and informations
The right collection of data and information is the core of a successful storytelling. Data not only meant for what it is, but including any kind of information that may be relevant
Create a story to tell
From the collection of data and a deep and creative analysis, one or more concepts for a story to be told emerges.
Actualise concept into reality
With all the information in our possession, it is time to translate it into visual, functional and understandable representations for people. This is where real design emerges.
About our method and approach-

FromWord means future

The essence of our creative process and the core principles upon which we build breakthrough solutions.
Fromword design thinking method and approach

Design + People

Democratizing design by offering solutions that enhance people's experience.

People + Business

Create a deeply connection between brand and people, magnifying trust.

Business + Design

Exploring new scenarios and challenges to aspire to a future with better solutions.
Ideas worth
rallying around
hand on computer macbook working
We love to think, create, discuss about anything that could possibly benefit people's lives and experiences.
We are really good at-
Business design
We forecast organisation to their future business development, generating new ways in which the company can still be competitive in the market.
Concept design
Forming fruitful ideas and solutions based on a user-centered mindset to get the best possible outcome.
Experience design
Aiming to provide breathtaking digital and physical journey, collaborating with our client's behaviours and needs.
Brand identity
Imprinting the brand culture around the whole experience, assuring a strong positioning in the market and a consistent communication.
Market & Strategy
Finding the better move to disrupt the market as the resulting of an in-depth comprehension of the ecosystem in which the business operate
Data Driven Design
How difficult is to rapresent the reality of complex data? Is there a better way to discover data's insights rather than classic chart?


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